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any of the Peace Vigils here so that we may all support one another.

Blessings, Barbara Marie

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    • Barb Babish

      My Peace Project

      Back in about the year 2001 I was asked by Master Kirael, to bring together the Tribe of Light. I had no idea how to do that, so I started with creating a Forum. (That was before blogs and Facebook were popular…hahahaha) It was magical. The tribe found me and the forum. Many came. Another remarkable thing was that many of us had a spiritual name with “walker” in it. I was JoyWalker. There was Light Walker, Thunder Walker, Desert Walker, Buffalo Walker and many other “walkers”. They all were drawn to the Tribe of Light.

      So also, at that time, I felt I was to have my own Peace Project. I was to ask the members for a small amount of soil from their countries. Many of them sent me a tablespoon of soil from the sacred sites near them. I received soil from the sacred sites in Australia, Hawaii, Japan, Britain, the U.S., Canada, Germany and other countries too. The lady from Germany had said that her country needed much healing and she was so honored to take part in the peace project.. The stories that came with the soil were heart breaking and heart warming too.

      When I received many of these samples in the mail, I combined them with the soil from my own land. I called several of tribe members who lived near me, to share a drumming circle with me. The focus was to be sacredness, unconditional love and unity for the world. It was a beautiful ceremony with fire, singing, drumming and channeled messages for us all.

      Near the end of the ceremony, we walked around the land and we carefully placed a little bit of the soil in several areas in the North, the East, the South and then the West. After we got back, I placed some of this special soil, in little glass jars that I had purchased. I gave them to the members in attendance as a gift.

      This was a very special time for me. I remember it with great love and comfort.

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