Do you wonder about angels?  Do you wonder if you have an angel or if you can actually communicate with your angel?  Most people do.  A recent U.S. study showed that 55% of Americans believe in angels, so you are not alone!

In my adult years I found it to be a wonderful benefit in being able to talk to my angels.  They not only help me make decisions, but give me comfort when I need it.  The support they give us is like no other.  They are truly dependable when we learn how to recognize their communication.

One of the first steps in communicating with your angel is to develop a relationship with one of them.  (Yes we do have many, but that’s for another article.)It is very easy; it just takes time and commitment.  I will give you ten short steps that will jump start this beneficial relationship.(If you have questions find us on Facebook.. link at bottom of this article.)

  • Always have a pencil and paper ready. You might like to start a special journal for this particular project.  This will help keep it as a regular activity.
  • Go to a quiet space, alone where you won’t be interrupted. Be comfortable.  Create a sacred space for yourself.  You might like to light a candle or have some flowers nearby.  Some of my clients like to have a feather, a stone or a crystal with them as well.  Do what is comfortable for you to make this time special.
  • Take some deep breaths to relax and focus on being in the moment. Set an intention to develop a relationship with one of your angels.  You might use these words, “I intend to develop a close relationship to one of my angels today.”  It does not have to be complicated.  It can be simple and clear.
  • It is recommended to start with a gratitude list. Bring to your mind some of the things in your life that you are currently happy with.  Even if we are in the worst of circumstances, we can always find several things to be grateful for.   Take the time to put your gratitude list in writing.  Feel each item in your heart and feel your true gratitude for each one.  Have at least ten items. Doing this little activity each day,shifts the energy to a higher vibration.  This higher vibration is needed to be able to connect with your angels.
  • Call in all of your angels to be with you. Ask that you become conscious of them.  This can be done by simply saying, “I now choose to become conscious of my angels.”
  • Pick one that you would like to work with or get to know better. You might have a name in mind, of one of your angels or you might be curious about one of the more popular angels.  This is totally up to you.  If you have no experience at all of angels, then you might wait until the name comes to you at a later time.  You are still able to work with an angel even if you do not have a clear name.
  • Call this angel in to be with you now. You may use words similar to, “I now call in ArchAngel Michael.”   You might use, “I now call in one of my guardian angels.”   Whatever works for you is fine.
  • This is now your time for speaking and listening. Take this time to talk to your angel and ask it questions and tell it your own feelings about your life.  Even if you feel like you are talking to yourself, this is fine.  Gradually you will open up to feeling or knowing that they are with you.  You will start to feel positive, comforted or loved.
  • Write down your questions and write down their answers if they come in that moment. If communications or thoughts come later, then take the time to write it down when you are able to.
  • Thank that angel for being with you to close off the session. It is beneficial to have a beginning,a middle section and an ending to these sessions. It helps keep you focused and this is important for you to be able listen and develop the relationship.

Do this daily for seven days.  By then you will have developed a new relationship with one of your angels.  You may continue to follow these steps in order to develop this relationship to the level that you desire. This relationship may be a for a short time or it may be your whole life. There are no judgments as to the time. It is up to you. It is always your choice.

The daily consistency is the key here.  You may use these same steps over and over again.  Each time you do, you will trust more and more.  As you gain results, you will have faith that this is working for you.  This will help you to be consistent.

This little system was given to me by my own angels and guides.  They always say how this can be simple.  As humans, we tend to complicate things.  We think that this type of thing has to be complicated and that simple things don’t work.  My angels and I would disagree with that.  They always give me very simple easy steps to follow.  It is then my choice to follow it or not.  This is just like your choice right now.  You will either follow this, or you won’t.  It is your choice.

Keep in mind the benefits of getting to know at least one of your angels.  It is like having a friend or a buddy, who is there to help you every minute of the day.  It is like having a trusted advisor who knows much more than you do.  We could all use a friend like that!

If you decide to commit to developing a relationship with your angels, please let us know how it goes for you.

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