Welcome to Week 7 of your series of 7 Language of Light Activations

Understanding: Please take yourself to a safe sacred space for these Activations to be of the most benefit. This last Activation is for the Gift of understanding. This is a special gift that can really influence your life. This is about understanding yourself and others. When you can understand why someone does, what they do, you are less critical of them.

This is important because with this activation we also release judgement and set ourselves free to use our energy for our highest good. We each receive understanding in our own way and in Divine Timing. Your unconditional love for yourself and for others will grow once you hear this and take it into your heart. Enjoy this activation and listen to it often. Experience this activation with joy as you listen and receive.

Special note: We hope you have enjoyed this series. We would love for you to share some of our experiences on our blog.  Just a reminder too, that you can order your own private Language of Light message.  You can find the details under Offerings in the menu HERE