Welcome to Week 1 of your series of The Language of Light Activations.

In this first weekly installment you will receive two activations:

Heart Opening- We are including this one again for your easy reference, just in case you did not get the free version.

This activation is important because it increases unconditional love for yourself and others. When you can truly love yourself, then you will automatically love others more. It is a natural consequence. The energy of unconditional love flows in this audio. Experience this activation with joy as you listen and receive.

Heart Opening

Releasing Judgment- Please take yourself to a safe sacred space for these to be of the most benefit. These activations are a very special gift. Having judgemental thoughts causes fear to come in. This activation will release judgement from your energy field and your body. Energy is stored in the cells of your body. Once the harmful energies are released, unconditional love can replace them.

This Activation is important because you do need to release the old destructive energies before the new can come in. Experience this activation with peace as you listen.

Release Judgement