Going from Confusion to Business Clarity

I took many business courses over several years, but only got confused by all the conflicting information. Some of it did not personally resonate with me. The program would say to do this or that, and I could not do it that way. It was very frustrating and I spent a lot of time, energy and money not making much progress at all.

It dawned on me one day, to ask for higher guidance on these business issues. What came to me is that I need to receive higher guidance for MYSELF regarding MY business. I was receiving Angel Messages for clients at that time, but when I asked for personal guidance it was not so easy to receive. It might come to me, but back then it was not consistent. For some reason I never even thought to ask for business guidance!

The consistency of receiving guidance for myself and my business was the problem.

I was shown how the top athletes would practice using their gifts on a regular schedule. The training would include several areas covering their eating, their thinking and the physical practice.

This is what I needed to do as well, but in the area of divine guidance. By taking the time to focus on growing my intuitive skills, my spiritual gifts bloomed! I had created my own daily practice for spiritual growth. I started creating the life and the business I really wanted using my new daily practise.

The results were astounding. Not only did my spiritual gifts grow, but I had a new clarity in every area of my life. I was able to manifest many things very quickly. It was all part of my daily practise!

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