From Going Crazy to Receiving Divine Guidance


When my three children were all pre-school ages I thought, on some days I would go crazy!   One incidence was when I was deciding to have more children after the birth of my fourth child would be born.


I had one son who was 5 years old at the time and twin girls who were almost 3. I was upset at the time, trying to deal with the twin girls my son, not feeling well myself, and knowing  that I was to have another child!   I cried out to God in the middle of my frustration.  The words that came were loud and clear.  “7 is the fullness of the Lord” is what I heard.  I cried out in disbelief!  I was to have 7 children just like my mother????  No, no, no.  This was not good.


After I cried and calmed down a bit, I understood the answer in a new way.  Now it made sense.  I remembered that I had three miscarriages, all at three months gestation, and so this fourth child was actually my seventh!. What a relief it was to me to receive this divine guidance at a time when I needed it the most. The decision was made with Divine Guidance. This fourth child would be my last one.


Another time when I was in deep, deep frustration with the children and I was yelling at them all.  I can’t even remember what I was so angry about.  The words came to me, “Don’t control them, guide them.”   Of course this is what I needed to hear right in that moment.  Whenever I received this kind of guidance, I knew it was the best guidance I could ever get.  This particular message had a major impact on the rest of my life and of course, on my children’s lives too.


Divine Guidance in my early motherhood years was rare.  Those messages mentioned above, are the two memories that I have that are clear.   Now more than 55 years later, Divine Guidance comes to me instantly and quickly every single day. It helps me in my home life and my business life.


I have worked at increasing my “receiving skills” for many years.  It is quite a gift to receive this type of higher guidance.  I recognize it and use it daily for myself and my clients.  I receive higher guidance for others while teaching them how to receive their own.


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