Our Gifts to YOU!

To gain access to your gifts go back up to the menu and find Offerings . Then place your cursor on the words "Our Gifts to You". On the right side a menu of gifts will open up for you. Enjoy!

The 7 Free Gifts

These special gifts will help you to Explore, Expand and Express your Divine Essence:

FREE Gift #1 - Self Assessment: How well do you know yourself?

FREE Gift #2 - EBook: Meditation for Beginners- The Absolute Basics

FREE Gift #3 - Self Assessment: Where are you now?

FREE Gift #4 - Ebook: Rainbow Method for Prayer

FREE Gift #5 - Self Assessment: Are you ready for a change?

FREE Gift #6 - Language of Light MP3- Activation for "Heart Opening"

Free Gift #7 - EBook:  7 Ways to Receive Inner Guidance

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