Free Gift # 6

Language of Light Activation: Heart Opening 

The Language of Light is a sacred channeled vibration that reaches your heart and spirit. You will receive exactly what you need spiritually just by listening to it.

The Heart Opening Activation is one of the most important of all Activations. With this activation of high frequency unconditional love, you will love yourself more.... your heart opens to yourself and all that you are... and then you will naturally love others more. It is a natural consequence.

Please enjoy this free gift and see how this particular Language of Light activation resonates with you.

Many clients have reported profound benefits after experiencing The Language of Light...

* experienced many forms of physical healing
* opened or deepened their connection to angels and guides
* received clues to their life purpose
* felt a greater balance and sense of well-being
* received knowledge of their “higher self”
* experienced unconditional love for others and themselves
* were able to offer more powerful holistic services to others
* were able to find a profound sense of peace

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