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Exploring your own Divine Essence is the best way to start seeing who you really are. You may discover new qualities you have by taking part in the assessment sections. If you are doing great in a certain area the results will tell you. If you need help in a certain area, it will tell you that too.

Enjoy your FREE assessment. We hope it proves to be valuable to you.

How well do you know yourself?
Abraham Maslow created a hierarchy of human needs. It begins with basic needs, such as biological drives (food, sleep) then moves up to the second level, shelter, safety, and security. The third need is love or belonging. Further along, the fourth need is esteem from yourself and others. The top of the pyramid is self-actualization. This means "the desire to become more and more what one is, to become everything that one is capable of becoming."
Completing this assessment will help you to find out how far along you are in your hierarchy of needs. The results will let you know if you are likely to be more or less self actualized and where on the hierarchy of needs you may be currently focused. Your results will come by email.

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