Good morning Dear Ones!

A lovely way to start your Tuesday is by calling in your angels and guides to be a part of it.

Tuesday is the day we can focus on our Angel Camael.  Camael is able to do many things for us.  When I think of this angel I see STRENGTH.  I also see COURAGE AND EMPOWERMENT too. Today though, our focus will be on FORGIVENESS and Camael is able to help us with that.

In order for us to really experience our strength, courage and empowerment it is wise to release some of what is holding us back.  Judgement is an energy that needs releasing.

In so many ways, we judge ourselves to be WRONG. There really is no such thing as WRONG, as long as we learn from all situations that we find ourselves in.  If we learn something valuable about ourselves or about others, the “wrongness” of it disappears.  It will be used for our benefit in some way.

Would you like to release some judgements today?  I highly recommend Camael to support you in this.

All you need to do, is to ASK for help.  You can say something as simple as this, “Dear Angel Camael, please help me release all judgement of myself and others today. Please help me see when I do judge myself or others.  Please help me to forgive myself for doing this. Thank you.”

YES, it is as easy as that.  Keep your eyes and ears open then, for this angel to speak to you.  See if you can sense the energy shift to one that is more empowering for you.

Blessings, Barbara Marie


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