Good morning Dear Ones!

A lovely way to start your Thursday is by calling in your angels and guides to be a part of it.

Thursday is the day we can focus on our Angel Zadkeil.  Zadkiel is able to do many things for us.  When I think of this angel I see KINDNESS.  I also see SUPPORT and a very LOVING ENERGY. Today though, our focus will be on KINDESS and how Zadkiel can help us with that.

Many of us know people who are kind.  These people seem to really care for people.  They also seem to be gentle and give others their time.  These are signs of a kind person.

Would you like to be seen as a kind person?  Would you like to have the traits of a kind person? Are you able to be kind to yourself?

I highly recommend the Angel Zadkiel to support you in this.

All you need to do, is to ASK for help.  You can say something as simple as this: “Dear Angel Zadkiel, please help me to be a kind person.  I would love to be kind, gentle and love other people more than I do now.  Please help me to be kind and gentle to myself.  Help me to know more kind people. Thank you.”

YES, it is as easy as that.  Keep your eyes and ears open then, for this angel to speak to you. Try and pay attention for opportunities to do kind things for others.

Blessings, Barbara Marie

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