Good morning Dear Ones!

A lovely way to start your Saturday is by calling in your angels and guides to be a part of it.

Saturday is the day we can focus on our Angel Cassiel.  Cassiel is able to do many things for us.  When I think of this angel I see PEACE.  I also see COMFORT AND SOLITUDE. Today though, our focus will be on PEACE and how Gabriel can help us with that.

We all have a need for peace and solitude at some time in our life.  This might be a daily solitude time or just weekly or even monthly.  It all depends on how we recharge our energy.  It all depends on why we need this quiet time.

With Cassiel’s help, we can learn to take some time for solitude and really be able to feel PEACE.  Peace, once again can only be experienced when all judgment is released.  Even if it is just for a moment, it is possible to experience peace every day, and eventually in every moment.

Would you like to experience peace?  I highly recommend Cassiel to support you in this.

All you need to do, is to ASK for help.  You can say something as simple as this: “Dear Angel Cassiel, please help me find peace.  Help me to release all judgment of people, places and things.  Help me to release all judgements about myself too. Please help me to experience peace. Thank you.”

YES, it is as easy as that.  Keep your eyes and ears open then, for this angel to speak to you. Start to notice when you are relaxed, is this the peace you seek?   It just might be the start of it.

Blessings, Barbara Marie

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