Good morning Dear Ones!

A lovely way to start your Monday is by calling in your angels and guides to be a part of it.

Monday is the day we can focus on our Angel Gabriel.  Arch Angel Gabriel can do many things for us.  When I think of this angel I see FLOW.  I also see STRENGTH, but a GENTLENESS too. Today though, our focus will be on our hopes and dreams and how Gabriel can help us with that.

Many of us, after about the age of 40 or so, seem to be lost in the everyday life, filled with challenges our jobs and family life.  If we did not keep up thinking about our hopes and dreams, they seem to just fade away.  We slowly even forget that we had any hopes or dreams at all.

With Arch Angel Gabriel’s help, we can revive those hopes and dreams.  They can come back to us, if we nourish them.  This actually helps us come alive again.  Reaching for a better future, can naturally bring our energy level up.  It can give us “pep in our step”.  It appears to make us happy again.

Would you like to revive your own hopes and dreams?  I highly recommend Arch Angel Gabriel to support you in this.

All you need to do, is to ASK for help.  You can say something as simple as this: “Dear Arch Angel Gabriel, please help me get back to my hopes and dreams.  They all seem to have faded away. Please help me with this.  Help me to know what they are.  Help me to see that they can still come true.  Thank you.”

YES, it is as easy as that.  Keep your eyes and ears open then, for this angel to speak to you.  Do you feel your energy lift as you think of your hopes and dreams again?

Keep at it, until you feel you are in a hope filled space.

Blessings, Barbara Marie

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