5 Mistakes “Light Workers” Make  and How You Can Correct Them

By Barbara Marie Babish


Are you a “LightWorker?”   Is part of your life purpose to offer your “gifts” in order to serve others?  If so, then you might be making some of these mistakes that are stopping you from living the life that you could be enjoying right now.  If you are seeking Success along with Peace, Love and Joy, know that it is possible!  Check out the list below and see what applies to YOU.


  • You do not have regular healings for yourself. Please know that you are sensitive. When you are with other people in general or helping others, you are gathering their negative energy.  This affects your own body because their energy stays with you, unless you have released it in some way.  This actually hurts you and holds you back, even though it is invisible to your physical self.


Correction:  After being in a crowd or after each client session, it is helpful to do a quick releasing of their energy.  It is of great benefit to have a regular schedule for self healings and clearings.  Book regular appointments with a holistic healing facilitator or take time for yourself either weekly or monthly to deal with this.  Release all that extra energy you have collected from others but also all negativity that you have gathered from your own thoughts and actions.


  • You do not put yourself first. Please know that you are kind. You always put others first because you have been trained to put others first.  You were told that thinking of your self first was SELFISH.   If we give from an “empty cup”, this leads to giving with resentment.  This is not healthy and it will probably lead to illness of some sort.


Correction:  It is important to give in a healthy manner without hurting yourself.  You must give from an “overflowing cup.”   Setting aside time to nurture and care for yourself, will fill your cup.  Do this consistently and your cup will be overflowing.  This is the healthy foundation that you are able to give from without stress or resentment.


  • You do not have a regular self care program. Taking care of your self cannot be sporadic.  If you eat well only twice a week, you will never get healthy.  If you exercise only twice a week, you will never get flexible and your heart will not build the strength it needs to stay healthy.   You can not create momentum or consistent results unless you have a consistent program.


Correction:  You must stay healthy in order to serve others in a healthy manner. Set up a self care program for yourself. This might include exercise, eating healthy, prayer, meditation, and any other activities that you enjoy.  Put this program on a daily calendar or make a daily “to do” list.  Add self care to your list. This will set a firm foundation for your general health.


  • You do not have regular daily guidance from Spirit. We all have the ability to receive Divine Guidance. If you come in and out of receiving spiritual guidance, this can lead to taking the wrong actions. These actions may then come from ego, and just waste your time and energy.  You may feel like you are moving forward but then something comes up to stop you.  This leads to frustration and you lose faith in yourself.


Correction: If you are in contact with Spirit first, each day, then you will be guided every day.  You will not waste energy doing things that are not leading you to where you want to go.  Checking in with your guidance, each step of the way will lead to full success and joy.  This connection is best if it is daily, or even several times a day.  Eventually you will stay in this guidance mode constantly and all of your actions will be fruitful.


  • You let your self be sidetracked.  When your goals are not firm enough, they do not hold your attention.  When this happens you are easily distracted. “Life” gets in the way.  Children, family, jobs, and your friends, take your attention away from your goals.  Because you love others and want to help them you put them first.  Your own goals get lost and fade away.  (Go back and read #2!)


Correction:  Your goals have to be nurtured and you must have a plan of action.  It is best if it is worked on daily, either physically or mentally or both, to reach your goals.  Write out your goals and read them daily.  Take time to visualize the end result that you desire.  The correct actions to take will be given to you by your spiritual guidance or your intuition.


You may live in the cycle of these mistakes over and over again and not even be aware of it.  When you are conscious of it, you are able to make changes.  I gently suggest you take a minute and see where you are in regards to these five areas.


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Barbara Marie Babish is an Empowered Spiritual Life Coach offering Divine Guidance through various services and classes.  Her purpose is to assist lightworkers, holistic facilitators and spiritual seekers to strengthen their spiritual connection, amplify their gifts and to share their gifts with the world. 


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