Three Keys to Jump Start Your Life!  Part 3

By Reverend Barbara Marie Babish


Have you ever felt like you were stuck?   Do you just plug along day by day with no joy?   With three simple keys you will move forward towards your dreams and goals. You will revive your zest for life! What I will share with you in this article is the third key of three, taken from the “The Way of the Rainbow” program. My clients use these three simple keys and they have experienced dramatic life changes.  Don’t be fooled by their simplicity.  They are powerful tools.  I share them with you now.

Review Key #1:  Support Team

In the Part One information I went over the importance of having a support team. This included a physical support team and a spiritual team.  This is the foundation for your success in making life changes. There is always help for you, so don’t feel like you are ever alone.  You only need to ask and it is given.

Review Key #2 – Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the easiest changes a person can make in their energy.  You can go from “poor me” to “lucky me” in a few short moments.  When you take the time to look at all areas of your life, you will always be able to find several things to be grateful for.

Key #3 – Intentions

Create the life you desire by knowing what you want and letting it be known.   Start using the power of intentions.  You have the power to intend everything you want to do, be and have.  It starts with a thought and then grows into physical reality.  In writing an intention you write what you would like to accomplish and what you intend to accomplish.  You might want to look at your day in the areas of what you would like to be, do or have.   Take out your pen and paper and intend your day!  I am giving you some examples that you might use in your day.

I intend to feel great today.

I intend to eat well today.

I intend to have enough time to get everything done today.

I intend to feel love for everyone I meet today.

I intend to grow in love more and more each day.

What we are giving you here in this step is the daily practice.  Once you are in the habit of doing this each day then it is highly suggested that you also do “segment intending” as taught by Esther and Jerry Hicks.   It is very valuable to take your day in sections and intend how you want that section of your day to play out.   For instance, if you are getting ready to eat breakfast you might intend that the food you eat will be used efficiently by your body in order to be as healthy as you can.  Before making a sales phone call, you might intend to say exactly what the client needs to hear, in order for them to make a purchase.  At bed time you might intend to have a restful sleep and wake up refreshed.

Using Key #3 by itself can jump start your way to success and happiness. Several of my clients have made major strides in reaching their goals just using this one key.   Just think of how these three keys can help you if you use them all!  If you are sincerely ready to make changes in your life, start with the first key of SUPPORT and then add the second key of GRATITUDE.  Add the third key of INTENTIONS when you are ready.   See for yourself, the results that will become evident in your life.

We hope the The 3 Keys to Jumpstart Your Life has been a benefit to you.  We provide the information and YOU provide the action.  Take it or leave it, the choice is yours.  Only YOU have the power to change your life.


Authors Bio 

Reverend Barbara Marie enjoys the life purpose of assisting others in awakening and understanding their Spiritual Connection. She is successful in doing this by providing Divinely Inspired Services. 

Reverend Barbara Marie is most passionate about spirituality and spiritual growth. Her own gifts, such as the Language of Light are used in all her services. She is in harmony with her Spiritual Team of Guides in all sessions and is able to assist her clients to connect more deeply with their own Spiritual Guidance Team. 

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