Three Keys to Jump Start Your Life!  Part 1

By Reverend Barbara Marie Babish 



Have you ever felt like you were stuck?   Do you just plug along day by day with no joy?   With three simple keys you will move forward towards your dreams and goals. You will revive your zest for life! What I will share with you in this article are three keys taken from  “The Way of the Rainbow” Program.  My clients use these three simple keys and they have experienced dramatic life changes.  Don’t be fooled by their simplicity.  They are powerful tools.  I share them with you now.


Key #1 – Support


Everyone needs some type of support to realize full success.  It is important to you because it will be a bridge between you and your dreams and goals.  Your support team can be the glue that helps you stick to your path and accomplish more than you ever have before.  You will never feel lost and alone when you have a support team.


It is possible to take steps today to form your own support team. It is wise to gather a team for each goal or project that you are working on.  You may need a team for your personal life or your business life, for a short time or a long time.  This team can shift and change depending on your own needs.


Family and friends, who truly do love you, can be part of your support team.  These are the people who can give you encouragement to move forward. They are the people who truly want the best for you and are willing to support you rather than protect you.  Choose the people who will support you in your new choices and possibly even have similar dreams and goals to yours.  You might want to support each other. The team members can be from any area of life as long as they do truly connect with you at the heart level.  Many people even use a life coach as part of their support team.


It is important to ask the team members for their support.  Ask them to be part of your support team so you are both conscious of it.  In this way, you are able to ask for help when you need it.  They might be able to give you ideas or run errands for you.  You might be able to bounce ideas off them.  Check in with them regularly to talk over your progress or help you set goals.  Share your small successes with them along the way.  Let them share your joy.  Everyone likes to feel that they have someone on their side, wanting them to be the best that they can be.


Just as you have a support group with you on the physical plane, everyone has a support group in the spiritual plane as well.  Spiritual guides are ready and willing to help you.  In fact, you have a whole team of them ready and available right now.  If you ask them for help, they will start immediately.  They may arrange for you to meet the right people, find the right book or find another way to give you what you need at that moment.   Your spiritual support team can help in ways that you are not familiar with.  Be open to receiving their help in all forms.


By having the physical and the spiritual help on your support team, you will start to receive information that will save you time and energy.  You can ask for guidance on various issues and know that this advice will be in alignment with your goals.  Your support team loves you and will help you succeed.  By being aware of your own support team, you will start to feel more confident.  You will know that you are not alone.  You will know that you are honored and valued for what you are trying to accomplish.  This will make all the difference in how you feel.  You will feel that you can succeed in all of your goals.  These feelings will grow and you will start to feel your own personal power.  It is really quite remarkable to really know that you can accomplish anything you want to.


In order to fully benefit from your support team, you must ask them to be part of your day.  With the physical team members you can check in with them daily.  Ask for the support you need for that day. If you need the courage to go forward in something that you fear, they can give you the boost you need.  They can celebrate with you later, after you succeed.  They can also be there to sympathize and encourage you until you can conquer your fear.   They can hold you accountable for your actions or lack of action.


Your spiritual team can be invited into your energy field every morning.  Tell them what you need for the day.  If you don’t know what you need, ask them to show you what you need.  They will know better than anyone.  They will get the message to you one way or another.


Start today to form the habit of relying on your support team.  It really does help build strength and confidence. It leads to your success.  You will be shown that you are not alone and that you are loved and supported the way you need to be.


Using Key #1 by itself can jump start your way to success and happiness. Several of my clients have made major strides in reaching their goals just using this one key.   Just think of how two more keys can help you!  If you are sincerely ready to make changes in your life, start with this one key.   See for your self, the results that will become evident in your life.


Stay tuned for part two and part three of 3 Keys to Jump Start Your Life!


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Reverend Barbara Marie is most passionate about spirituality and spiritual growth. Her own gifts, such as the Language of Light are used in all her services. She is in harmony with her Spiritual Team of Guides in all sessions and is able to assist her clients to connect more deeply with their own Spiritual Guidance Team.


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