Our Vision for the Divine Life Institute Community

Many who are drawn to the Divine Life Institute Community feel like they have come home. They feel loved and comforted and valued when they come to the community website and when they talk to people associated with the Divine Life Institute. They are drawn because they resonate with the love that vibrates here. They come back often to see what’s new. Each time they come, they receive the keys, codes and activations embedded here. There is something special here and they feel it and they know it deep in their hearts.

The products, services and information offered through the Divine Life Institute are life-changing for thousands of people all over the world.

They value what the Divine Life Institute offers and they tell their friends about it so that their friends may benefit too.

The products and services offered are for everyone from beginners to experts in the area of spirituality and metaphysics. The products and services cover many topics including the FREE items. Everything offered here will be divinely guided by those who provide it.

The vision, purpose and the mission of the Divine Life Institute is clear and concise. This is honored and shared by everyone and in turn then it draws others who want to help and volunteer their services. Some of those supporters that are carefully chosen, are allowed to share their own products and services on the website and are fully supported by the Divine Life Institute.

This community has been created by Reverend Barbara Marie Babish, along with her Angels and Guides. Barbara Marie shares “ I fully enjoy all of my time and all of my efforts that help create the Divine Life Institute. I know that what I accomplish through the Divine Life Institute is only because of the divine guidance I receive and follow to the best of my ability. It is a true example of co-creation. Soon others will be sharing their offers too and expanding this community.”

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