Free Gift #7

Free Discovery Call


This valuable free call is for A LIMITED TIME ONLY.  In the very near future this Discovery Call will be $97.  Please take advantage of it now while it is FREE.

Hello there!  This is Barbara Marie.  My Intention for this 20 minute call is to see where you are in your life, where you want to be and talk about that. We can possibly see what is blocking you from having what you want. Once we are clear on that, we can see if I have something that I can offer you that will help. If I don’t, then I might know of someone or something else that can serve you. How does that sound?

Reverend Barbara Marie Babish, Ph.D.

Sometimes it is helpful to receive another perspective from someone who is experienced in certain areas of life.  I have been helping others in this way for 20 years.  With 66 years of life experience I also have 20 years of education as an adult in the areas of business, religion, psychology, metaphysics and spirituality.

I would love to be of assistance to you, to see where you are right now in your life and what you might like to change.   I am offering this free service for a short time, through The Divine Life Institute only.  I hope to be of service to you soon. Many blessings.

Reverend Barbara Marie Babish, Ph.D.