There is so much turmoil in the world right now, and when I look, I find it beneficial to view the world from the larger context of Evolution. What I see is that the whole planet is Transforming as part of the evolutionary impulse we are all participating in, whether we are conscious of it or not. We are Transforming in order to co-create new ways of navigating what so far has been ‘fractured / wounded, unconscious, separated and untrue.’

As we transform, we evolve into new configurations, new design, new structures and a new vision of what it means to be human. We are on the way to consciously discovering what is the ultimate human potentiality and possibilities.

At first what we see and what we feel as a response to the ‘insanity’ we perceive, is fear and confusion. If you are feeling confused, uncertain and afraid…know that this is ok. Respond to the part of yourSelf that is feeling vulnerable with compassion and empathy.

Reassure, calm down and comfort this part of your Self.

It is through activating this resourceful posture that you will discover deeper capacities, capabilities and strength within that you may have not been aware you possessed before hand.

This IS Transformation: we face what is ‘vulnerable, what needs shifting’ so we can discover the new emerging growth / power. We are constantly growing into higher and more complex versions of ourselves…this is the natural way of life.

When we reassure and comfort the fear triggered by outward uncertainty, we are more prepared, available and confident to perceive or discern the new course of action.

Know that YOU have within you all the resources you need to support yourself through this big Shift of the Ages.

Listen, Accept, Acknowledge, Respect and Love your Precious Self!

Medea Bavarella Chechik ❤

By Medea Bavarella Chechik
(I wrote this poem about 4 years after the passing of my Beloved son and it is featured in my book: Facing Grief With Eyes Wide Open

~ As I carve space for myself today, I feel the self within who has experienced deep grief.
An immense surge of love, deeper than the grief…from the ubiquitous, boundless source of life, shoots up from the fertile soil of my awakening heart…

Like a flower naturally urging its blossoming!

The impulse to acknowledge and honour this courageous part of my self, bewilders me at first…it hadn’t occurred to me that I can be the one to bestow this sacred act upon myself.

This impulse commands its expression…I allow it!

The gate of compassion opens wide, inundating this part of myself with the sweetest, most exquisite and satisfying love ever experienced…

Sacred Self, enfolding human self…embraced in the Oneness of Divine Love!
Heaven on earth in this very moment!

Medea ❤
Best Selling Author of “Facing Grief With Eyes Wide Open”
Feminine Power Coach
Transformative Therapist
WeEvolve TV™ Host
Relationships Expert

Image artist: Andrius Kovelinas

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    • Kenik

      what a great web site< i enjoyed looking through all the offerings, hope to get involved sometime in the near future!!

      • Barb Babish

        Thanks for your support Ken. We should be holding the free seminars and other events in Feb. 2019!

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